Internal Evaluation Services (IES) Team

Program Evaluation Coordinator (PEC):

Ms. Lakesha Stevenson serves as the Program Evaluation Coordinator on the IES Team. In her role she is responsible for directing the systematic evaluation and assessment of all designated sponsored programs. The specific aim of her position is to determine the extent to which the over-riding goals and specific objectives of the program are being achieved through designing and implementing appropriate data collection plans and reporting standards for research and research training activities. PEC responsibilities include performing data analysis and reporting that reflect assessment of program effectiveness and to inform program development for improved efficiency. Specifically, the PEC prepares data summaries and reports for presentation to funding agencies, principle investigators and program directors, and works collaboratively with the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning and the Office of Sponsored Programs to establish protocols for the reporting and publication of data.

Program Evaluation Research Assistant (PERA):

Ms. Margaret Farrow serves as the grant-funded Program Evaluation Research Assistant on the IES Team. Since her addition to the IES Program, she has been responsible for assisting the Program Evaluation Coordinator with data collection, entry and analysis, and with development of data collection instruments for all programs working collaboratively with the Internal Evaluation Services Program. Specific services provided by the GERA include scheduling and coordination of the evaluative activities for students, faculty and staff, and conducting one-on- one interview formats, focus group outlines and surveys. In addition to the above listed responsibilities, the PERA also supports the PEC in developing and submitting evaluation grant proposals. Hence, the PERA position is a key component of the compliance and growth of the Internal Evaluation Services Program. This position is collaboratively supported by the MBRS-SCORE, HHMI, and MBRS-RISE programs.

Database Development and Management Consultant (DDMC):

Mr. Stephen Olowoye serves as the IES Team Database Development and Management Consultant. His position works to implement the RRPED database application to assist the Program Evaluation Coordinator with tracking and evaluation of student, faculty and program research and research productivity data. Primarily, the DDMC serves three major functions as part of the IES Team: 1) To provide ongoing maintenance of production databases (operations DBA); 2) To plan, design, and develop new database applications, or major changes to existing applications (development DBA, or architect); and 3) To manage RRPED data and metadata (data administrator).

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