About us

Internal Evaluation Services (IES) is a program developed to support Spelman’s research infrastructure. As part of the research infrastructure within the Office of the Associate Provost for Research, IES provides direct evaluation services and expertise to Spelman's externally funded (or sponsored) programs and research faculty. These services are targeted at helping programs determine the extent to which overriding program goals and outcomes are achieved, and using evaluation findings to inform and enhance overall program performance and processes.

Specific Objectives

IES has five programmatic objectives to carry out through the services and activities it provides. These objectives include:
  1. Conducting systematic evaluation of designated extramurally funded programs;
  2. Designing protocols and instruments for effective and efficient management of data;
  3. Disseminate evaluation findings to inform program design and operation;
  4. Developing and implementing evaluation activities that foster, sustain and improve programs and their performance;
  5. Working collaboratively with various offices on campus to support extramurally funded programs and research.
IES Services

IES provides a variety of services to assist programs with program assessment and build their evaluation capacity. The following is a list of services available to extramurally funded programs and research faculty through the IES Program.
  • Program Theory Design and Modeling
  • Design and implement evaluation plans
  • Develop data collection instruments
  • Perform data collection, coding, and analysis
  • Preparation of data summaries
  • Report evaluation findings through written and oral presentations


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